Monday, April 11, 2011

A Whole New Me

Social media has changed my life! Ever since joining Facebook and Twitter, I am a new person-I make good choices, I am a courteous driver, I never ever swear, I've given up procrastinating, I eat only healthy foods, and I always floss twice a day. I am virtually perfect. What - you don't believe me? It's true. Just check out my fb page and tweetie postings and you'll clearly see I am an angel.

Our conversation in Social Learning last week was whether or not social media has changed our society. I believe the social sites to which we subscribe make us think about our public appearance more and become more conscientious about what we make available to others, but doesn't necessarily change our behavior. Would you make different choices if you knew what you did last night would be smeared all over the internet? I know of a group of pharmacist friends who have a "No Camera" policy when they go out after work. Are they still doing what they would before Facebook? Most likely. But they know the possible consequence of a leaked scandalous photograph. Who knew pharmacists could get so down? Maybe I'm in the wrong profession.

So, while I believe social media has made us very aware of what we make public, behind closed camera lenses, maybe not so much has changed. In the words of Kesha, "We are who we are."

That's why I am definitely not eating M&M's for breakfast and entering this homework post a week late ;)

I stand corrected. Sorry Kesha fans. "We R who we R" is the "correct spelling of her song. That's another issue we can talk about some other time!

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