Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Fun in schools?

Dereek Braman says so in his article. He believes school should always be fun and teachers should have built in fun activities to reinforce learning. I feel that I have the priviledge of teaching a subject that is naturally fun. There are no tests, no grades, and generally no wrong answers. (I say generally because there is always the chance someone may stick a Sharpie up their nose...not quite the intended usage). But the opportunity students have when they come to art is the chance to try something and to have the feeling of "I made it." During art class, we are teaching our students there is more than one solution to a problem. Just as there is more than one way to view the world. What we give to students when we incorporate the creative arts into our schools is invaluable. They are learning an appreciation for others while also learning about themselves. And believe it or not, it's fun.

Speaking of having fun... Cats can, too! Here's Riley, celebrating her 5th Birthday. Notice the present already opened. Meow!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Benefits of Being "Connected"

Being connected is a great thing. Especially tonight. It is probably a miracle I even have a computer in front of me right now and not one on the floor in a million pieces...but I digress.

The question we are to answer tonight is, "Are you connected?"

The answer is, "I'm working on it."

As a self-proclaimed private person, I find it difficult to put myself out there on blogland. As my classmate says, "You don't have to put your whole life out there." Good point. A second article we read tonight discusses ways to improve our usage of social networking cites. The idea of mixing personal and professional makes a lot of sense. When I search blogs, I look for ideas to inspire creativity. This includes things at home and for my students. It is all about what we decide to share. I would like to have the kind of blog where people go to be inspired or to jump start ideas. If I don't want people to know what I am having for dinner, I won't tell people what I am having for dinner.

P.S. Spaghetti