Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Big Finale

Dear loyal and faithful followers,

The following blog post is a requirement of my grad class. I had to do it, or my teacher will fail me. It's wordy, but painless. There may even be a little something in it for you.

How has social networking made a difference in your classroom?

Before actively participating in a personal learning community online, I used online media as a way to gain ideas and resources to improve instruction for my students. As many people probably do, I used the internet as only a taking relationship. I search for art ideas, tweaking here and there to find things that are appropriate for my students. Now I feel more of a need to give and take towards idea sharing. I have things to share and to contribute to the art world. The thing is, I really hate when someone uses an idea and takes credit for the creative process someone else put into something. If someone feels inspired enough by my ideas, I just ask for credit, as I give to those who from which I am inspired. As an art teacher, most of our day to day creativity and artistic thought process goes to our students and the creative lessons we teach. It becomes our own art and I know at times I can feel quite possessive. That is why this class has been good for me. I am working on coming out from under my internet rock and having something to say while doing it.

How do you see an online education community changing education?

Online education communities change education by bringing together people who are passionate about their profession and connecting them to like minded-people. We can learn from those who have great ideas and pass it on to our students. However, education will only change if people allow it to change. The way students learn today is so different from the way we were trained to teach them. We have to allow new technology to bring us together and to move forward.

What plans do you have to continue developing your online personal learning network?

I need some more art peeps in my life! Building an online community of art teachers helps to connect with other crazies like myself. After starting the cranes for Japan, I found teachers who are doing the same with their classes. We've communicated through twitter about our progress and the efforts of our students. I hope to continue establishing learning communities with other teachers and artists. The more I continue to put our work out there, the more people will hopefully stop on by. Plus, I'm pretty cool and I'm pretty sure more people should get to know me. I think Cyrus eloquently sums it all up...

"For those who don't know me,
I can get a bit crazy
Have to get my way,yep
24 hours a day
'cause I'm hot like that"

It's been a fun class getting to know some pretty awesome people. See you on the "Twit!"

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  1. I loved getting to know you in class and keep rockin' your blog! :)